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Mantra Meditation - My Own Personal Technique

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Mantra meditation is a very easy but powerful form of meditation.
The idea is, you repeat a word/sound/phrase to yourself, either aloud or silently in your mind, and this repetitive rhythm eventually causes the mind to naturally settle down.
In this article I'm going to be talking about repeating a mantra silently in your mind.
There is a well-known form of meditation, you know the one I'm talking about.
This involves you being given a special mantra by a qualified instructor.
Over the years there has been a lot of secrecy surrounding this specific technique, and why the mantras are so special.
The truth is: any word, phrase or sound will do.
Just pick something that is easy for you to repeat in your mind.
In my own personal experience, I have found that it's actually easier if it is a meaningless sound.
I will now share with you my own personal mantra technique.
1) I use a meaningless sound - oowaa.
2) I sit on my bed, with two cushions behind me, and my legs in front of me in a half-lotus position 3) I close my eyes, and just relax.
4) I then begin repeating my sound in a continuous rhythm, like oowaaoowaaoowaa and so on 5) To begin with, for the first few minutes, I consciously try to keep it up to a regular rhythm.
I don't force it though.
Just the minimal amount of effort needed to set it going and keep it going at that set rhythm 6) After a few minutes, as I feel myself relax, I will get to a point where the mantra almost has a momentum of its own, and I can just kind of let it carry on, and just effortlessly ride along with it 7) As you continue to relax, just let the mantra go at whatever rhythm or speed it naturally does.
You may notice that it does change speed or rhythm naturally.
This is fine.
Just let it be as it naturally is.
8) As you get even more relaxed, you may find you approach a point where the mantra becomes really slow and drawn out.
Don't try and make this happen, and don't wait for it to happen, but if it does naturally happen then just let it.
9) Eventually, you may even get to a point where the mantra naturally stops.
Again, as I said above, don't try to make it stop if it wants to carry on.
But if it does naturally become so slow that it stops, then just let it stop.
You can then just rest in the relaxing feelings.
10) Come out of the meditation slowly.
Very gradually open your eyes, and then spend a minute or two sitting calmly with your eyes open, just being aware.
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