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Work-Life Balance For Doctors - 4 Ways to Have it Now

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Doctor, consider what you might  do now to start to have the work-life balance you really want, before it all gets too overwhelming because  it is possible to have a life and be a doctor.
What can you do? If you want tools, ways to change, questions to make you think and case studies.
Then you will find the following strategies useful.
  1. Read personal development books about work-life balance, time management and ways to change, and put what you read, or at least those suggestions which appeal to you into practice.
  2. Keep a journal because by writing your thoughts and feelings each day (reflective writing) is good for helping you sort out possibilities..
    Don't edit.
    Just write whatever comes into your mind.
  3. If you want some assistance which is more personalised then consider finding a coach or a mentor.
    A coach or a mentor is someone who can help you find your own way forward.
    He or she is someone who is not involved in your life, someone who will really listen to you and give you an overview of what they hear you say.
     You will be asked challenging questions which help you consider different ways to achieve what you want.
  4. If you are so involved in external things going on it can be difficult to take an overview of a situation or realise there are possibilities you hadn't explored.
    A coach helps you to understand what's going on.
Have the courage to step out of your comfort zone and take the first steps towards the life you really want.
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