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All About Persian Rugs and Carpets

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Persian rugs are much more than just a piece of carpet.
They are incredibly beautiful representing the exquisite creativity of Persians.
Genuine Persian carpets are made in Iran by Iranian craftsmen who weave beautiful rugs to earn their bread and butter.
It can add luxury and style to your home and you can select from an eclectic range of Persian rugs that are mesmerizing.
These genuine Persian carpets can be very expensive and so any one planning to buy these wonderful items for their home should first check their balance and then go for them.
These can be classified into two main categories; Persian city carpets and Persian tribal carpets.
Both the varieties are unique and gorgeous.
This division is on the basis of their make.
Those rugs made in the city fall in the former category while those manufactured in Tribal region fall in the latter group.
Afshar, Tabriz, Kashan and Kerman Rugs are some of the examples of Persian city rugs.
These vary according to their design, motifs and colors and all are equally dazzling and elegant.
Baluch, Shiraz and Wiss Rugs are known as Persian tribal rugs Persian rugs have been around since 40 years and they have maintained their creativity and beauty till date.
Genuine rugs and carpets from Persia have a make of Iran and any rug that is not made in Iran may be a fake Persian rug.
So to avoid buying fake item some points should be always kept in mind.
Besides their make the price also speaks for their originality.
These are extremely expensive and even a small rug can cost you a lot.
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