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Men"s Denim Fashion of Autumn - Winter 09-10

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Jeans have long ago become a uniform of everyone.
And if women sometimes get distracted by skirts and dresses, men tend to wear custom jeans practically every day.
Let's have a look on the latest trends of men's jeans fashion.
The key words of this season are pragmatism and style, which enables new models of jeans for men to appear.
Here is a review of autumn-winter collections by some of world jeans brands.
One of the most popular denim brands Gap presented its classical jeans line including an Authentic Fit model.
It could be easily called an implementation of the best traditions in men's denim wear.
These jeans are straight, dark and are able to become the basis of each modern man's style.
Besides they are really all-purpose and one can wear them everywhere.
Nudie presented several new models of jeans for men with modern cut and vintage furnishing.
A straight silhouette of the models will suit mostly men with V-figure type.
This autumn Nudie experiments with eclectics, and the best accessories for the brand's jeans collection are probably tennis, fashionable sunglasses, double-breasted jackets and topcoats.
As you have probably already noticed, one of the key trends of the new season are vintage jeans and worn denim.
Kicking Mule jeans brand also takes advantage of this tendency.
The company presents straight jeans with relaxed silhouette, emphasizing liability to aspirations for freedom.
Classical Western jeans style is best of all combined with a checked shirt and a pair of heavy boots.
Another key trend of the season are custom skinny jeans for men.
Even superskinny, I am tempted to say.
However creations of Joe's Jeans customized denim brand demonstrate quite the opposite.
Perhaps that is why these jeans are called Joe's Rebel.
They are relaxed, of dark blue color and tend to become part of casual wear.
Such jeans could be worn with white or bright t-shirts and sports jackets.
One more casual jeans model - Kelvin jeans by WeSC, characterized by a relaxed top and a little bit tighter bottom, reminding us of a grunge style of the 1990s.
These jeans can be easily worn both with shirts and blazers.
Those who prefer business style to casual would probably welcome Reelack 88Z jeans model by Diesel.
Classical indigo color, comfortable pockets and an elegant cut make these jeans to a hit of the new season.
And combined with modern tweeds, leather shoes and a leather bag they will undoubtedly transform their owner into a real gentleman.
Levi's demonstrates custom tailored jeans suitable for men with a long upper torso.
Levi's 507 model with leg twist is quite tight, of a calm dark shade, very elegant and is highly competitive with classical business-like trousers.
A V-shaped cardigan or a relaxed sweater would be the best combination for these jeans.
Space Nomads jeans by G-Star come in dark grey color and can be perfectly worn with black leather accessories.
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