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Beginner"s Guide to Car Insurance

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If you're new to the world of driving and car insurance you might be asking yourself the question: 'What is auto insurance and why do I need it?' Well it's a good question! Auto insurance is one of the biggest markets in America, and for good reason, since it's needed by people who own cars, trucks and other vehicles.
It is important because it covers you and anyone involved in an accident, theft or a fire regarding your vehicle.
Whenever there is an accident, there is always one party at fault, so it's important that that party is insured (so they can pay for the costs).
There are many different types of cover that one can acquire; each covering you for different things.
You should choose your cover according to the risks you want to be protected from (or by how much you can afford to pay).
For example, it is wise to protect yourself from any medical bills you might incur, as well as damage to your car in the event of an accident.
You also want to be covered if your vehicle is stolen or set on fire; although these are optional covers (in other words you are not legally required to have them by the state).
The only compulsory cover you must (legally) have is liability insurance.
This covers you in the event that another driver is making a claim against you, for the role you allegedly played in an accident (in other words they want you to pay for their damage because they believe the accident you had was your fault).
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