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How to Lock a Gas Tank Cap

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    • 1). Open the access door to the gas tank when you need to pump gas. Most of these can be opened with your hand, but some require that you push a button inside of the car.

    • 2). Insert your key into the keyhole of the gas cap.

    • 3). Turn your key to the left (counter clockwise) until the cap opens. Some locking gas caps require that you make a quarter turn, others require a few turns.

    • 4). Pump your gas and push the gas cap back over the gas tank. Insert your key into the key hole and turn the key to the right (clockwise) until you hear a click.

    • 5). Remove your key and give the gas cap a tug. If you have locked it correctly, it will not budge.

    • 6). Close the access door over the gas cap.

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