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Lower Ad Costs to Fractions Using Google MLM Banner Ads

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I have been doing Google PPC advertising since I began to market my MLM business.
I have notices that the cost of text ads on Google has been going up, up and up.
That is because the competition and demand for this type of advertising has increased significantly over the past ten years.
Surviving in business and being successful depends on one thing: take more money in than you put out, period.
Unfortunately, the cost of text advertising on Google has become cost prohibitive for many.
Google still gets about 65% of all the search traffic so you need a presence on it.
So what to do? Place Google image ads for your network marketing business.
The reason why is cost.
Banner ads are available for many affiliate and distributor programs.
You want to utilize these ready made ads on the Google content network.
In Google AdWords it is called an image ad.
People have complained that they don't get enough clicks from banner advertising.
The trick is coverage.
You have to think about Google image ads differently from typical text ads.
In my usage, it is true.
I get more clicks form text ads.
I get far more impressions from Google MLM banner ads, but the trick is to use a lot of keywords.
You want ideally a couple thousand keywords for your Google MLM banner ads whereas you don't need nearly that many keywords for a successful text ad.
Let's take a look at cost.
When someone clicks on my text ad, I get charged about $1.
45 per click.
When I get a click on my banner ad, it costs me 3 cents per click.
See the difference.
Like I said, you need a ton of keywords to get coverage and clicks.
Think of it this way.
Banner ads need "shot gun type" approach.
You never know who will be interested in you banner ad, but with a couple of thousand keywords working for you, you get your coverage and clicks.
You can ratchet it up to a whole other level by registering your account as as advertiser.
That allows you to place multiple banner ads for the same thing and really blast-out your marketing message.
Impressions can go into the millions and sometimes billions.
Imagine all those people seeing your Google MLM banner ads and when they click on your ad it costs you pennies.
It is also important to convert your clicks using capture pages so that you can continue to market to these leads forever or until they opt out of your autoresponder campaigns.
Now that you have lowered your costs to fractions you can survive while your competition is still using Google text ads.
The reason why Google image ads are so affordable is supply and demand.
Google has more uses for their image ads on the content network than there are available ads.
In fact, Google banner ads are at the same place as Google text ads, ten years ago.
There is still a lot a room for growth.
Google MLM banner ads will separate you from your competition, keep more money in your wallet and will be here for a while.
The opportunity is NOW.
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