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Figuring Out Your Niche in Internet Marketing

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When it comes to Internet marketing, despite what some people think, there is a formula for success.
There is a formula to selling and to figure that out is the most important thing to realize.
Once you have the formula or system down pat, it's a matter of maintaining and improving it in order to be successful.
To generate a platform quickly, what one must do is hone a skill, a specific skill that you are really good at.
It doesn't have to be an all-encompassing skill and that everyone around the world would love to learn it from you, although if that is the case, no one is stopping you.
You can start out with a tiny niche.
A small niche wherein you are adept at it and that you can convince people that it works and you are an expert at it.
Once you are recognized as an authority of it, you can build from there.
To make the example clearer, here is a situation from one of the masters of Internet marketing.
When Mike Koenigs was a kid, he was pretty well versed with computer stuff.
Kids from the neighborhood would ask him how to do so and so, and how to make x and y.
So he taught the kids how and he was recognized to be the local computer whiz.
He started creating databases and accounting software for people and pretty soon, he solidified his reputation as the computer whiz kid.
As most kids who have an interest in computers at the time, Mike wanted to just play pinball and write video games.
He met someone from the gaming industry who told him that in order to join their company, Mike has to write a video game.
And so he did.
And was accepted.
Despite the fact that he would be earning less than what he was earning from his present job at the time did not deter him.
However, the company was soon sold and Mike was left alone again.
Instead of giving up, he met other people from the computer industry and learned a few stuff along the way.
Pretty soon, he was head of his own company.
As technology progressed, so did Mike's knowledge.
He was always up to date.
When he smelled the impending boom that Internet marketing would bring, he taught himself that.
And the rest, as we all know, I history.
He is now one of the foremost experts in Internet marketing and has made a pretty good living out of it.
All stemming from the passion and love for computers he had early in life.
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