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How to Replace a Fuel Filter on a 2000 Ford F150

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    • 1). Park your Ford F-150 on level ground in a well-ventilated area. Engage the parking brake or apply tire stops in front and behind the truck to prevent the vehicle from rolling while you are changing the filter. Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable. Go around to the driver's side of the vehicle and unscrew the gas filler cap to relieve the fuel pressure in the fuel line.

    • 2). Crawl underneath the F-150 from the driver's side of the vehicle. Locate the fuel filter mounted to the frame of the truck just below the driver's seating area. You should be able to identify the fuel filter as a metal cylinder connected to a black hose at both ends. If you still have trouble finding the fuel filter, locate the fuel tank towards the rear of the truck and trace your fuel line from the fuel tank until you reach the fuel filter.

    • 3). Remove the fitting safety clips from the fuel filter. The safety clips hold the fuel filter and the fuel line together by small retaining straps. Just remove these straps and set them aside. Take care not to lose or discard the safety straps.

    • 4). Insert the fuel line disconnect tool into the quick-connect fittings on the fuel line. Push the springs located on the sides of the disconnect tool and disengage the fuel line from the fuel filter. You may need to pull the filter a little bit to remove it from the fuel line. Repeat this procedure for the other side of the fuel filter to completely disconnect the filter from the fuel line. Discard the filter.

    • 5). Align a new fuel filter with the fuel line. Apply a small amount of pressure and push the filter onto the fuel line. Listen for a small audible click to be sure that the filter is secured. In case you do not hear or feel the click, try testing the connection by pulling the filter away from the fuel line. If you are not able to pull the filter from the fuel line, the filter is secured to the fuel line.

    • 6). Attach the fitting safety clips over the connection between the fuel filter and the fuel line by snapping them in place. Crawl from underneath the vehicle. Connect the negative battery cable. Tighten the gas filler cap.

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