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How to Build a City for School Projects

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    Easy Model City

    • 1). If the model is a replica of an existing city, review maps and photos of the area to identify streets, buildings, parks, water and any other items that will be represented on the model. If the model is a new design, create a diagram with all of the items that will need to be built.

    • 2). Determine the scale that will be used. A 50 scale indicates 1 inch equals 50 feet, a 30 scale is 1 inch equals 30 feet. The smaller the scale, the larger the final model will be. Draw out the location of the roads, buildings, water features and parks on the plywood using the scale chosen. Make changes in scale as necessary to ensure all required features are included.

    • 3). Design and build specific buildings. Use premade boxes cut to the correct size, scrap boxes, or a combination of both. Try shoeboxes, cereal boxes, milk cartons and noodle boxes for variety in shapes and sizes. Paint each box with a base coat on the exterior and then add details such as windows and doors with black paint. The base coat should reflect the desired color of the building. Gray can be used for steel buildings, red for brick. Set the painted items aside to dry completely. If a building needs an unusual shape, use modeling foam to add the shape to a box.

    • 4). Paint primer onto the plywood before applying paint. Paint roads with black paint. Paint water features blue. Paint parks with green. Allow the paint to dry completely.

    • 5). Glue buildings to the plywood. Add details such as fences, lights, trees, cars and people as desired.

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