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5 Things You Should Look For Before You Sign Up With An Affiliate Program

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1) Make sure there is a market for the product or service that you are promoting for your affiliate program. For example, If you join an affiliate program that is promoting 8 track tapes you are going to have a hard time earning commissions. However, if you are promoting a business opportunity or wealth building product or service you will have an easier time earning commissions. The reason is since the beginning of time individuals and Businesses want to earn more money. 2)You want to make sure the affiliate program has a backoffice online where you can check your stats and commissions. This is important because you want to be able to track your ads. You will then be able to analyze which ads, and online promotion are performing the best. In turn this will help you be able to allocate your marketing dollars to the promotions that are working the best. Lastly, As an Affiliate Marketer you will be able to track the exact amount of commissions that you have coming to you. 3) Make sure the affiliate program provides marketing materials to promote the product, service or opportunity. This is really important. Check and make sure the marketing materials that the affiliate program is providing for you has been tested in the marketplace. As An Affiliate you can add bonuses such as free e-books, DVD, or cd to entice prospective Clients/Customers to visit your link. This will distinguish your affiliate distributorship from the other affiliates who are using the same marketing materials. This will enable you to sell more products or services for your affiliate program. Thus you will earn more and bigger commissions. Remember you don't want to join an affiliate program where you have to create your own marketing materials from scratch. One advantage of having prepared marketing materials is that you can start your affiliate marketing business within minutes of signing up as an affiliate. This will enable you to start marketing the products and services of your affiliate program immediately. You are now in a position to start receiving commission checks within a few days or weeks. This is one great advantage that an affiliate program has over a brick and mortar company. In addition, you can use free advertising methods to start promoting your affiliate program such as article marketing and posting on Internet marketing forums and discussion boards. 4) Make sure your affiliate program has a diversified mix of products or services. As an affiliate marketer you want to be able to market a low cost, medium cost, high cost and residual income product or service. By marketing a diversified mix of products or services you are in a position to attract different types of customers. You are also in a position to earn linear and residual income. I highly recommend that the affiliate program that you sign up for has at least one product or service where you can earn residual income. Residual Income is where you do something once and get paid over and over. Here are some examples of affiliate programs where you can earn residual income. A) Newsletters B)Web Hosting Services. C) Membership sites. 5) Finally make sure the affiliate program offers you support. The affiliate program that you choose should offer you support via e-mail, phone, mail. In addition, it should have a faq form on website which stands for frequently asked questions. For An affiliate program that has all 5 of these things that we discussed please click the links in my resource box. Thank you.
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