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Things to Say to Let Him Know You"re Interested! Here is How to Do it in a Non Needy Way

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Making the right move and giving out the right signals is very important if you want to let a guy know that you are interested in him.
If you want to know of the things that you need to say then read on and find out how you can interest him.
All things first begin with a smile One of the things that you have to do before you talk to him, is to build a connect.
The best way to build that connect is by having a smile that is friendly and reaches your eyes.
You don't want him to think of you as easy but want him to see a warm and friendly person.
Once you have done that you can go ahead and approach him.
Have a confident approach When you approach him you have to be very confident.
Don't look like you are nervous and have no idea what to say to him.
Starting off with an, "umm" followed by a thousand "you know" is the worst thing that you can do to yourself.
The easiest is to make eye contact and have him come over to you.
Let touching release some tension You need to talk your way through the nervous tension.
One way of doing that and establishing a physical contact is to use an excuse to touch him.
You could hold him by the wrist and take the time from him or straighten up his tie for him.
Tell him what you are doing and he will have delicious thoughts going on in his mind.
Show him that you are interested in what he has to say If you want to make a man know that you are interested in him just rambling on is not going to help.
You have to seem genuinely interested in what he has to say to you.
Show him that you find his mind interesting and he will know that you are interested in him.
Be a little flirty with your man Once you get a little warmed up, it is time to get a little flirty.
Chill completely before you go on this game.
Tease him a little, give him little information and make him dig for more.
All in all make him work to decode you and he will get interested Laugh at his jokes to egg him on Another way to tell a man you are interested is by saying that you find him funny.
Being funny is a man thing and if you can pamper this aspect of his personality he will get interested in you.
Give him the right compliments Give your man the right compliments to show him that you are interested in him.
Don't state the obvious.
Appear more cerebral, mysterious and intriguing by complementing his thought process, his intellect, his manners and other such intangible assets.
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