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Stopping Dog Aggression - The Keys To Success

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If you are struggling with stopping dog aggression, then this article will be of interest.
Specifically, we'll discuss socialization, alpha leadership, and positive reinforcement.
All three factors will go a long way towards curbing aggression problems.
After reading this article, you should have a better idea of how to handle aggression.
Socialization is one of the most important factors in stopping dog aggression.
It's essential to socialize your dog with other people, dogs and animals.
Often, the cause of aggressive behavior is from a dog perceiving the presence of other people or animals as a threat.
If your dog is no longer a puppy or a juvenile, it is still not too late to socialize him.
You can make a great deal of progress with lots of patience and positive reinforcement.
Socialization is a crucial step to fixing any aggression problem.
Another important factor is alpha leadership.
Aggression often results from the lack of a clearly established pack hierarchy.
Therefore, you need to establish your place in the pack by doing actions that show you are the alpha.
Some examples are going through doorways first, having your meals before your dog's meals, and not allowing him on the furniture.
Without alpha leadership in the house, your dog may attempt to be the leader himself by dealing with things in his own way, which can mean exhibiting aggression.
Therefore, alpha leadership can help tremendously with stopping some aggressive behaviors.
If you aren't already using positive reinforcement, you should consider doing so.
Positive reinforcement is one of the best methods of training for an aggressive dog.
It is potentially dangerous to use any forms of negative reinforcement or physical punishment, as they can actually worsen the aggression.
Positive reinforcement is a very easy concept -- offer a treat or some praise whenever your dog does a desired behavior.
You should focus on doing this to mold your dog's aggressive behavior into something more positive.
You can eventually curb your dog's aggression by changing his perspectives of whatever was causing him to be aggressive in the first place.
With a lot of patience, positive reinforcement is one of the best tools in stopping aggression.
Dealing with aggression may not be fun, but it is necessary if you want a pet that you can happily live with.
The last thing you would want to happen is for your dog to be held accountable for his aggressive behavior.
Socialization, alpha leadership, and positive reinforcement are three of the most important factors in curbing aggression.
If you implement them, you will go a long way in stopping dog aggression.
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