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New SEO Techniques for 2014

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If you are wondering why the same things which worked for SEO optimization in the past are not working in 2014 this article is for you.
SEO Mindset of the past:
The one thing which is really hard to change is people's mindset. So all the techniques in SEO that used to work in the past is not going to work now. Let us look at how we did optimization of websites in the past.
The main website ranking factors where
1) Domain Name: The domain names where very important in the past and much weight was given to the domain names matching the keyword even if it was a long keyword.
2) Keywords: Keywords mattered much and they were employed everywhere. In your Title, Description, content, images and even in your links.
3) Links: Let us agree on this that in the past it was a rat race against acquiring the largest number of links.
4) Content: What mattered was content and more content
5) Design of the website was not a major consideration as designing a website keeping SEO in mind was enough
6) Page rank was one of the most important factors in ranking websites.
7) SEO was about quantity not quality.
The Problem: The problem comes when you are using the same website ranking approach of the past. SEO has changed a lot and with Google constantly changing its algorithm it is wise to change the old SEO techniques of the past.

What does Google Want?
Google wants unique and high quality content. It has started penalizing sites for duplicate content. It also wants to stop reduce spam. If you thought like in the past you can post the same content with article spinners and get a good position in Google. You cannot be more wrong.
So let us forget the old SEO Techniques and let us look what we should do in 2014 and come out of the mindset of the past.
Today the main ranking factors are
1. Domain Name: It should be short and simple. If your keyword is in there even if it is just one word. It is fine but do not make it the sole factor for your domain after all Google is itself not a domain name which has any SEO significance in terms of domain name but it rules the world.
2. Keyword: This is the area where you have to be very careful as over stuffing of keywords can really harm your website's reputation. You might say what is so different even in the past Google use to penalize for using too many keywords. The problem is again the approach and the absence of humming bird at that time. If you are putting keywords in the content make sure that you use a combination and variation of keywords. Do not optimize your whole page for many keywords. Just mix 2 to 3 keywords. Also keep in mind that you do not optimize images or links for just the purpose of putting a keyword. Google can now detect what the content of the page is much more intelligently than ever before.
3. Links: Now where you link matters. Earlier a link was a link no matter who your sources where but now it is more important than ever before to check that your source of a link is reputed and well related.
4. Content: Content matters even now but you should make sure that the content you are posting is original and valuable. High quality content will give more weight to your website.
5. Designing websites for major devices like mobile and tablet along with the PC has become essential.
6. Page rank exists even today but it's value has been decreased now the main focus is on quality content, Traffic and good links.
7. Today SEO is about quality rather than quantity.
Social Sites:
Social media is very important. Google is focusing and giving great attention to Google plus. I think it has already gained its popularity significantly. So concentrate on the social sites.


Google is also looking for the source of your traffic. Indirect traffic from traffic Exch. can seriously hamper your reputation in Google's eyes.

Search engine will always keep on changing their rules all it takes for us is to change our minds according to the prevailing trends.
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