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Why Do Companies Give Away Free Samples?

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Who doesn't love free samples, I know I do.
Why do companies give away samples? Why should I fill out a survey just to get a sample of a certain product? So, where do I get all of these free samples? If you would like the answers to any or all of these questions please read on.
The reason that many companies decide to promote their product via the distribution of free samples is very simple, give you product away for free is a great way to drive up your sales.
You may not want to purchase a companies new product just because you saw a television commercial for it but I'll bet you would take a free sample if someone offered it to you.
These companies are banking on their product and that you will enjoy it and therefore decide to purchase more of it.
Making samples of new products available to the public is one of the most powerful promotional tools that manufacturers have.
This is the reason why there are so many free sample offers available.
When searching online for samples, you may notice that many sites lure you with the promise of free samples or prizes.
The great majority of these sites are scams.
They will try to get as much personal information from you as possible, force you to view numerous ads and fill out long and tedious surveys.
At the end of it all you probably won't get your prize and even if you did that's a whole lot of work for a free sample of shampoo.
This leads me to the answer to the final question, where to find legitimate free samples.
The safest place to search for freebies is right on the manufacturers' websites.
You will be amazed how many companies have a promotions tab right on the first page of their site.
These companies want you to have the free sample in hopes that you will continue to use the product.
They won't force out any unnecessary information of have you fill out useless surveys.
These samples are always totally free.
Many large retailers, such as, Wal-mart or Target will also offer free samples from their website to help promote certain products along with their store.
These retailers have enough pull to negotiate great deals with merchandisers in the hopes of making their particular company stand more appealing to the consumer.
So if you are looking for free samples.
remember to sick with who you know and stay away from undesirable sites that will try to defraud you.
Getting free samples is as easy as visiting you favorite companies website.
Something else to keep in mind, even if the manufacturers aren't offering samples on their site, you could try writing a letter or an email.
You will be happily surprised that many times your kind words are rewarded with coupons and free samples.
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