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Inside Sales Outsourcing: Countering Voicemail with Tact

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The concept of inside sales has certainly revolutionized the entire sales universe, if one can call it that. However, this change has also brought with it many challenges, the primary one being the constant need for evolution. About a decade ago, voicemail was a great way of getting in touch with prospects, leaving messages, etc. However, with the inception of emails, this ubiquitous communication goldmine has certainly taken a backseat, as people hit the delete. However, the fact that voicemail is not relied upon as a meaningful by inside sales outsourcing agencies actually means that it can become a veritable treasure trove for the few companies that still use it.

But first, one needs to keep some things in mind to ensure that. To begin with, it's important to be really specific in the message, so that the person's gets interested right from the word ‘go'! To be honest, inside sales outsourcing via voicemail is a lot like email marketing, where one needs to reel the prospect in right from the time he/she reads the subject line and headline. Secondly, spontaneity might be a winner when it comes to telemarketing, but in terms of voicemail, it's best to use a script, so that one does not miss out on vital points. Since it's more or less like a ‘make or break' situation, it's best to get it right in the first go.

Also, one must mention the problem and then talk about the solution in the same pitch. This way, the prospect would know what the business needs to counter its present challenges, and would be more receptive to hearing the pitch. Quite obviously, this means that one would have to do a bit of research, but in the end, it would be worth it all, since the results would more or less make up for the investment and inside sales outsourcing efforts on the part of the agency to which the task has been outsourced.

Following up on inside sales outsourcing initiatives also entails giving gifts on special occasions. However, this must be done with caution, for if one goes a step too far, it might be seen as a sign of submission, possibly stemming from the fact that the product or service rendered has flaws or has been transacted at a higher value. In order to ensure that all these tips are taken care of, one can avail the services of an entity that specialises in activities such as these on behalf of their client, so as to make the most of every opportunity.
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