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How to Teach Vowel Sounds in Spanish

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    • 1). Explain that the first vowel she will learn is "A." In the Spanish language, the sound is, "ahh." Give more detail. Describe how the doctor asks his patient to open his mouth and say, "Ahh." Write examples of English words using this sound. Include "star," "bazaar" and "car." Convey "madre" meaning mother or "cama" meaning bed. Both are good Spanish words to practice with this vowel. Come up with a list of words in Spanish to practice.

    • 2). Allow the student to pretend she is on a roller coaster for the next vowel, "I." Tell her to excitedly say, "Whee!" as if going down the track on the roller coaster. Ask if she feels her lips pulling back and tightening. Identify English words using the "ee" sound such as "feet" and "we." Teach simple Spanish words to exercise this vowel. Have the student make a list. Combine with the list in step one.

    • 3). Acquaint the novice with the next vowel, "E." Convey that this vowel makes the "ay" sound. Describe an old man hard of hearing. Instruct her to exclaim, "Eh." Ask her to write English words utilizing, "E." "Raisin," "away" and "day" are a few. Compile a list using a rhyming dictionary. State the word, "leche," with proper annunciation. Instruct her to repeat the word. Find other Spanish words using the vowel, "E." Assemble a list.

    • 4). Direct the student to round her lips for the next vowel, "O." Demonstrate a surprised mouth and say, "Oh." With the dictionary, write other English words employing this sound such as "no" and "dough." Acquaint her with several Spanish words. Say, "loco" which student's know means crazy. Supply a list of Spanish words that are applicable. Ask her to repeat the words back. Correct any improper annunciation. Review the previous vowels, "A," "I" and "E."

    • 5). Direct the student to purse her lips for the vowel, "U." Give explanation that this vowel makes the "oo" sound. Request English words with this sound such as "boo," "drew" and "blue." Procure a word search making use of all the vowels recently learned. Produce a crossword puzzle. Use Spanish words as clues and English words as answers or vice versa. Play Bingo with vowels at the top instead of B-I-N-G-O. Have fun with it!

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