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How to Power Buff a Car

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    • 1). Wash your vehicle thoroughly and let the surface dry before starting the polishing procedure with a power buffer.

    • 2). Attach a clean foam pad to the buffer. Adjust the buffer to a medium speed and turn off the power switch.

    • 3). Apply polish or wax to the buffer pad in a circle or ‘X’ pattern. Dab the pad onto the surface area to be polished in three or four places, to distribute the polish.

    • 4). Position the buffer flat on the surface, using a firm grip. Turn on the power switch.

    • 5). Move the buffer back and forth, overlapping about 50 percent on each pass. Apply only a pound or two of pressure, letting the buffer’s weight do some of the work. Finish buffing the area with up and down strokes, overlapping 50 percent on each pass.

    • 6). Repeat Steps 2 to 5 on adjacent areas, until the entire surface is polished. Replace the foam pad with a clean pad when it becomes clogged with polish.

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