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How to Get a Girl"s Phone Number - Here Are the Most Important Keys Which Will Easily Get You Number

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Have you had trouble in getting a girls phone number? It is really not that hard, you just have to get it no matter what.
You won't get it if you don't even ask.
Let me give you some ways on how you can easily get a girls number.
Go straight to the point.
When you have eyed this girl that you really like, approach her and make little conversation.
Then ask her straightway for her number.
Inform her that you'd like to be friends with her.
Asking a girl her number is just like saying that you are interested in her and she might even give it to you right away.
Ask a friend.
Asking a friend that you both know her number is one of the easiest way to get her number.
When you call her you can say that you got her number from a mutual friend because you wanted to invite her to a friend's party with your mutual friend there as well.
Another easy way is by giving her your number.
You can ask her to call you the next day and tell her that you'd like to know here more and that you'd be expecting her call.
If she doesn't call, it could be that she is a shy one and wouldn't want to be the one to make the first move, so the next time you see her inform her that you waited for her to call and because she didn't you might as well get her number and say "I'll call you instead, if that's ok".
You can go the long way.
Start up a conversation with this girl asking her questions about what interest her.
Listen to her attentively when she talks and maintain eye contact to let her know that you are interested in her, up until you finally get to the point of getting her number.
Look for a sign that she also likes you.
Body language can easily let you know if she is interested in you or not.
This would be easy if the feeling is mutual she will easily give her number out.
Do not be too assertive and arrogant.
Open up to her and let her be the judge of your character.
Being honest and reliable will be something that would make her hand her number out to you.
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