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History of the Grandfather Clock

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    • Galileo Galilei created the very first concept of a grandfather clock in 1582. He discovered the usefulness of a pendulum in keeping time.


    • A Dutch scientist by the name of Christian Huygens took Galilei's discovery and constructed the first ever prototype out of cast iron pieces.

    1630 through 1730

    • During this time, many improvements were made to the grandfather clock. They started to be made from wood and stood almost 7 feet tall.

    The America's

    • It was late in the 1600s when the clocks were introduced in America. New England was the first place to see them.

    The Name

    • The clocks didn't get their name until a songwriter named Henry Work coined the term "grandfather clock" in 1875. Work was visiting the George Hotel in England and came back to America to write a song about a fascinating clock he had seen.

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