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GDB Instructions

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    • 1). Navigate to the GDB website and click on the "Download" link located at the top of the page.

    • 2). Click on one of the links provided for the most recent version of the GDB software. Alternatively, download an "Ancient" version of the software by clicking on the download link under the "Ancient Versions" heading.

    • 3). Click on the downloaded GDB file to launch the software. Alternatively, type "GDB" in a terminal window to launch the software.

    • 4). Load a program into the debugger by typing "gdb" and then the name of the program that will be debugged. For example, to debug the program "Sample" type "gdb sample."

    • 5). Run the program loaded into the debugger in order to see what is causing the software to malfunction. Type "run" to have the debugger show each line of code in the loaded program. In the event of a crash, the line of code that caused the crash will be displayed along with detailed information about the crash.

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