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The Need For Speed - A Look Into The Classic Video Game

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Every now and then, a typical video game player will want to sit back, load up an old classic and reminisce about the classic games from the 1980s and the 1990s. One game that was popular and most people seemed to love was titled Road and Track Presents: The Need for Speed or just The Need for Speed. This game was developed by Electronic Arts Canada and published by Electronic Arts.
You may remember this game as the first game in the Need for Speed series which is now a popular racing game series that appears on many different video game consoles. This game featured a lot of sports cars, some of which being exotic models and Japanese imports. Due to its realistic vehicle data, this game managed to receive a lot of praise with high reviews.
The notable parts of the game were its realism, audio, and video commentaries. The game developers teamed up with the magazine known as Road and Track in order to get accurate vehicle data and realistic audio sounds for the cars. However, this was the only time in the Need for Speed series in which the game developers teamed up with the Road and Track magazine.
The game features eight race tracks (seven plus one hidden one), and they are called, "City", "Coastal", "Alpine", "Rusty Springs", "Autumn Valley", "Vertigo", and the hidden one is called "Lost Vegas." Some of these tracks are closed circuit while some are point-to-point tracks which are divided into three stages. The point-to-point tracks also feature traffic vehicles.Police also made an appearance in this classic game. It is possible to get a ticket and arrested in this game if a police car succeeded in catching up to the player driving. If the player got three tickets, he would be arrested in the game. This added a unique layer to the style of gameplay.
If you played a great deal of video games in the 1990s, then you have most likely played or heard of The Need for Speed as it was the first in a long running series of racing games. This was one of the pioneers in racing games today bringing accurate car data and audio to the genre.Are you a big game fan? Have you ever dreamed of getting a video game player with various funny games? Then I would definitely recommend the latest Dingoo A320 digital multimedia player, digital video games player and advanced video multimedia game player to you. They are the most interesting and fantastic video game players I have seen and there must be one which suits you.
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