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3 Important Aspects of a Leaflet distribution Campaign

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A leaflet distribution campaign can achieve the marketing goals in an inexpensive manner. Many advertisers consider this medium to be simple and easy to execute. It is a common practice to distribute the fliers by handing these out to the people passing through a crowded area. But in reality, this forms of direct advertising campaign needs to be carried out based on an elaborate plan covering a number of significant aspects and factors. Further, the main intention of the distribution is to make people aware about the specific products, services, and events. So before printing the fliers, you must identify the key factors contributing towards the success of the leaflet distribution campaign. The campaign can become successful only if the fliers are received by a large number of potential consumers and made them read the received document in full to understand the benefits and features of the advertised products or services. Also, the campaign is affected by the quality of the people engaged to distribute the leaflets and the exact time chosen to conduct the distribution. A professional plan considers these essential factors to achieve the desired marketing and advertising objectives.

Focusing on Key Locations

When preparing the distribution plan, you need to choose the exact areas where the fliers will be distributes. The campaign cannot be initiated by doing the distribution in random streets and crowded locations. You can always consider a particular area where a large number of people gather in a concentrated manner to carry out the leaflet distribution. There are also a set of locations like stations, bus stops, malls, theatres and parks, remaining crowded on normal days. By targeting a lesser number of such crowded areas, you can easily carry out the distribution by handing over the fliers to a large number of people. You can even increase the number of distributors to conduct the distribution within a few hours.

Timing of the Distribution

Similar to the location, the timing of the distribution also has a significant impact on the outcome of the advertisement campaign. For instance, if you decide to carry out the distribution in a park or theatre, you need to schedule the same for a weekend rather than the normal weekdays. Many people visit such places to enjoy their weekends, so the time will be more suitable for the leaflet distribution. You can visit the place during various days and different times of a day to check the number of people present on the location.

Manner of the Distribution

In addition to the above mentioned factors, the results of such distribution campaign is also affected by the manner and behavior of people engaged to distribute the fliers. The person handing over the fliers has to carry out the work in a gentle and polite manner. He can give a smile to the recipient and say hello before handing out the fliers. Further, some people may not be interested in receiving the flyers. So the distributor needs to be polite and not imposing to force someone to receive the documents. If the leaflet distribution is carried out by experienced distributors, the same will be able to achieve the exact marketing targets.
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