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Are You Wearing a Pink Tutu?

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How do you stand out from your competition? What are you doing differently? In the book Everyone Remembers the Elephant in the Pink Tutu: How to Promote your Business with Impact and Style by Mary Maloney Cronin, Suzanne Caplan we are asked to imagine a line of 100 elephants.
Which of them would a potential client remember? If one of the elephants were wearing a pink tutu, the answer would be clear.
The client would remember the one that stood out among the others.
We are not only in a new economy but we are in a new type of advertising age.
With the proliferation of social media advertising is no longer about TV ads, radio spots, newspapers and magazines.
We now have Facebook Ads, Google Ads, email marketing, word of mouth marketing, inbound marketing and I am sure there are plenty more I can add to this list.
So many choices, how do you decide which method is best for your message.
The one method that can bring awareness to your company or brand is promotional products.
The first time promotional products were used in the United States were commemorative buttons dating back to the election of George Washington in 1789.
Promotional products not only have an impact when used alone but also compliment all other advertising methods.
Who remembers how a yellow wrist band raised awareness and money for cancer research? Or the t-shirt you stood in line to get at a free concert? What about the mug you use with the name of your favorite specialty shop? What parent doesn't remember when one fast food restaurant sold out of kid's meals because of a bean bag toy? Promotional products are useful or decorative items designed to promote a company, product, service, event, meeting or program.
Make them your own by adding your corporate logo or personalize it for the recipient, maybe both.
What keeps them so powerful in the age of technology? It is their unique ability to build a relationship with the recipient.
Once they accept the product - you have a relationship.
That relationship will continue throughout the useful life of the product.
The relationship with most other medium begins when it is seen and ends when you look away or shut your computer off.
Promotional products have the power to convince the recipient to change their behavior and to actively engage with you by taking the product home or to their office, keep them and use them again and again.
Here's a challenge - name another advertising medium that touches on all five senses.
What about one that can be adapted to your lifestyle, used in your kitchen, office or car? Is it possible to have a product that creates the elusive 6th sense - that of ownership.
No one will throw out a gift with their own name on it.
Your branded promotional products are the key ingredient in an integrated marketing program.
The true value is in their ability to carry a message to a well-defined audience.
Because the products are useful to and appreciated by the recipients, they are retained and used, repeating the imprinted message many times...
without added cost to you.
Promotional products have a high retentive value and can even be measured by cost per view.
Everyday I pour my coffee into my favorite mug - the one I bought at Starbucks for 8.
Let's assume that I have one cup of coffee every morning in that mug for an entire year - the cost per view to Starbucks is less than.
02 a day.
Branded products are your billboard.
When deciding what to use look around you what are people carrying, wearing, using.
Does a lot of your business come from people visiting your website - make sure it can be seen.
Promotional products provide practical and proven solutions to broadcasting your brand or company - hey it worked for George!
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